BOOK YOURSELF SOLID. The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System For Getting More Client Than You Can Handle – Book Review

by Michael Port

The target market is service businesses. Businesses run by inspired entrepreneurs, with superb services and products, but who are frustrated with selling and promoting their superb services and products.

The book takes your hand and leads you through many (did I say many?!?!) “Writing Exercises”. It helps you think about your business and yourself in new and more resourceful ways.

One important premise of the book is: There are people you are meant to serve. Doing the exercises and implementing the learnings and insights; you will connect with those people. When they find out what you do, they will be drawn to you and want to do business with you. They have been sold by the many effective ways you are promoting yourself to them. These are your ideal customers and clients.

I have read the book multiple times. My recommendations are: read the book through once. Re-read the book, doing the exercises as you go. If you go to Michael’s website and request anything, you will be on his email broadcast list. Lots (did I say lots?!?!) of emails wanting you to take his personal and business coaching training. That is not my path, so I finally unsubscribed.

I love this book. I love Michael. Buy this book and enjoy the rewards.