The E Myth Revisited – Book Review

By Michael E. Gerber

This is the story of Sarah the entrepreneur, who wants to grow her business.

One of the most impactful chapters for us at Utah Real Estate Accountants, are chapters 8 & 9.

Chapter 8 The Franchise Prototype. Gerber is big on setting up processes and procedures so that your business is scalable. Go from a small business into…an empire!?!?

Chapter 9 Working ON Your Business, Not IN It. Making that critical transition from being the technician who started a business, into being a business manager, leading the business profitably into the future

The “E” in the title stands for Entrepreneur. The Myth stands for all the misinformation and fantasy that surround starting or buying a small business. By the end of the book the ‘fluff’ will have blown away and the ‘reality’ will be faced squarely and honestly, setting the reader up for real success in the business world.

Gerber has reworked the book for about 20 niche markets from, The E Myth Contractor to The E Myth Real Estate Investor. We have our copy of The E Myth Accountant!!! Click the link to purchase this book…