The Millionaire Real Estate Agent – Book Review

by Gary Keller

I have referred CPA and Accounting friends to this book. The concepts are universal in their application. The sub-title is: IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY…It’s about being the best you can be!

Back in Psychology 101 class, research showed that what you put your attention on, increases. Once I heard and understood that proposition, I found it mentioned in:

  • Positive thinking books,
  • Self-help gurus made it a fundamental element in their processes,
  • Religions have it in their doctrines.

Gary, the co-founder of Keller-Williams Real Estate, clearly identifies what to put your attention on. By-the-way, he lists The 8 Goal Categories of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent…money is all the way down at number 5!

Read the book to get the perceptions of what makes ANY successful company. Then DO THAT. Measure what you are doing. Evaluate the success of your activities and how it affects your level of service and ultimately your take home profits. Count the activities that lead to a prospect. Count the activities that lead to a purchase. Count the activities that lead to additional sales to the same customer.

“Businesspeople know their numbers. They know their goal numbers and their actual numbers and so should you.” (pg. 117)

Now, I am recommending the book to you. Adapt the lessons and instructions into your business and enjoy the results.

Buy it now …