Things certainly haven’t gotten CALMER over the past week.

Whether it’s the rumors of recession (or worse), continued chaos in the political world (and still over a year away from elections — yikes), increasing cultural division, or something more local, it’s a mess out there.

I put out some reminders last week, and they still seem important to keep in mind:

Behm’s Key Reminders:

1) What you choose to “ingest” will greatly impact your state of mind.

This will always be the case. Truly — the media outlets and websites do better (financially) when there is chaos.

That means that there is a very real (monetary) incentive for them to highlight turmoil. If you’re wise, you steer clear. I’m not suggesting that you stick your head in the sand, just … use a strong filter.

2) The only thing certain about the stock market is that it’s volatile.

With all that talk of negative yield curves and spooked markets, it’s hard to feel confident about long-term outlooks. Which might mean that the best “investment” these days may be YOURSELF … and your business.

Which leads to…

3) The only thing you can truly control is yourself. The economy, the local market for your goods and services, your retirement — much of it is out of your hands, in a very real sense.

That said, we met with business owners and clients last week who were taking positive action. With our advice, just a few small tweaks can realize six figures of true savings over the course of years.

Which is why I’m giving you one more chance on what I suggested last week:

It is time to contact your accounting professional and request a 4th. quarter Tax Planning Saver Session. During this session, you and your adviser will analyze your current situation and identify clear action steps for the last quarter of 2019 — designed to save your bottom line hundreds (or even thousands).

You CAN control your tax strategy … 

Until then…

I’m grateful for our chance to serve you and your business — through these blog-posts. Which means we help guide you through today’s AND tomorrow’s storms.

Can other accountants say that?

BE THE ROAR not the echo®


Janet Behm