We have been with Utah Real Estate Accountants less than 90 days. I love my friend who recommended them so highly! Our prior accountant was slowly slipping into dementia (bless his heart). We were desperate for help and Janet took hold of the problem and has the accounting and tax corrections for 2015 and 2016 well in hand. We are current for 2017 and she is helping me put together a budget, teaching me how to use the software. She is wonderfully patient. Before Janet came along we were spiraling in a chaotic mess. She reminds me that it is all coming together, “One step at a time”. I need an accountant who is well organized and reliable. Utah Real Estate Accountants rings the bell! Cambria Nelson, Quail Hollow of Holladay (Multi-Family)

From Chaos to Order

On several occasions, as I am setting up my business in Fairview, Utah, I have had occasion to call Utah Real Estate Accountants.Of course, they invited me to come in for a FREE consultation, but I am more than two hours from West Jordan. Both times I was able to get my questions answered over the phone. One of the questions was complicated. I was apprised of the risks. I respect that they left it up to me to choose the best path of action for my circumstances and tolerance for risk. I recommend Utah Real Estate Accountants for any business that serves the real estate industry. Dave Olsen, Locksmith Fairview UT

Help with Complicated Questions

Most of my adult life I have enjoyed being an entrepreneur. There have been good years, challenging years and amazingly successful years. I’ve learned a lot about business simply by being in business. But, it wasn’t until I started engaging Utah Real Estate Accountants, that I discovered the priceless value of an accounting firm that understands business.Janet has helped me focus on goals and outcomes, “the difference that makes the difference”. More than ever, I am putting my attention and resources into those actions that will produce the biggest return. Until I found the “Super Accountant”, I had no idea what I was missing. You owe it to your business and your life…get the accounting firm that understands business. - Sterling Anderson, Realtor®

Priceless Value

"Thank you for all your help in keeping our records and taxes in order. It's great having someone dependable to count on for our taxes and accounting. Please use us as a Referral, we'd highly recommend you." Aaron Iversen, CEO, AMI Roofing, Inc. Salt Lake City UT.

Highly Recommend

It is a pleasure to take time to tell you how beneficial Janet Behm’s services to our home owners association have been. These last three years Janet has assisted the board of directors in evaluating our financial position, determining our budget, and presenting the financial documents to the home owners at our annual meetings. There always seem to be time constraints that have made the process of preparing for the annual meeting a challenge. Janet’s quick and precise understanding of our financials, as well as ameliorative suggestions, has made our preparations successful and truncated the time spent. It must be mentioned that Janet’s presentation at the association meetings was very well done. Explaining the financials, that are a bit complicated for some of the owners such as I, was handled by Janet in a professional, but not condescending fashion. She is able to field questions effectively even though some were a bit adversarial. Not only is she good at what she does, she is also a pleasure to associate with in business or otherwise. I heartily recommend Janet for any accounting situation private or public. Drew Sharp, Home Owners Association President

Pleasure to Associate With

Architectural Metals has been a customer of Utah Real Estate Accountants for over 10 years. We have always received high performance and dedicated attention. We have a great relationship with Janet. She is not afraid to tell us the truth…which saves us all a lot of time and heartache. We trust her! Utah Real Estate Accountants is always very responsive to our needs with contact always on the same day as the request. The work is always exemplary and well within the time frame needed. We have a fearless ally when dealing with the state or federal agencies. We get the support we need to help us improve our business and grow into the future. It is important to know Janet has our back, behind the scenes, taking care of the issues that are very important in our business. It may sound odd, but we felt genuinely cared for. - Colleen Seamons, Architectural Metals

Genuinely Cares

Thank you Janet Behm for helping me through this tax season. My old accountant kept raising his prices and I kept doing more of the work. In frustration, I called Janet and she not only helped me out with taxes but she made all of my journal entries for me and I didn't have anything to do but smile. I am so happy I made that call. Now she is helping me set up Quick Books Online ™ and one of my favorite things is the reconciliation process! It is so simple. She is making my time in my office shorter and sweeter so I can get back to the important things. Thanks again! Trish B. Macklin, President CEO Cedar Superior Cleaning Service

Huge Help

"I have hired Janet on several occasions for her vast knowledge in business acquisition and analysis. She thoroughly understands the minutia involved with the purchase or sale of a business and I consider her knowledge in this field unparalleled. She played a crucial role in the recent purchase of my Chiropractic practice. Thank you, Janet, again." Dr Eric Sanders, Sanders Chiropractic and Wellness, Layton UT.

Vast Knowledge

Working with Janet and the Utah Real Estate Accountants team has been the most incredible & smoothest experience with accounting I’ve ever had. Not only are they very helpful in explaining the “why’s” & “how’s”, but they are also easily accessible. Any time I have had an urgent question, I receive and immediate response. They are extremely prompt when it comes to their work, response time and helping the customer. Their customer service & work ethic is unlike any other. Ut-REA is definitely a top-notch company. I will continue to use them in any business venture that I pursue! Stefani Hartline - Koko FitClub

Incredible & Smooth

Hey, I just wanted to take a minute and say Thank you for all the help and support you have given me over the past several years. You truly have been a “god send” to me and to Dave as well. Thank you for getting me to this point in my scrapbooking career. It has been a wonderful, awful, fabulous, crazy, bitter sweet ride but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I have learned so much and I am stronger for it. Without The Pink Daisy, there are so many things I would have missed out on and one of those things would have been my association with you. Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me, the store and my family. I feel truly blessed to have you in my life. - Suzy Matheson, The Pink Daisy

Truly Blessed

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